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Battery isolators

Around the battery installation: no weak links

When setting up the battery part of your 12 or 24V system, the required capacity and battery type are not the only things you need to consider: the vital components around the battery are at least as important for the charge current supply, ease of maintenance and extra safety. Mastervolt provides you with all the necessary high quality items to perfectly round off your installation, guaranteed worldwide.

A complete range for every type of system

  • The BI battery isolators for systems with a Mastervolt alternator or battery charger, and two or three battery banks. Mastervolt charge equipment will compensate for the voltage drop over the diodes (0.6 V).
  • Battery Mate battery isolators have a negligible voltage drop and are therefore the ideal solution for charging multiple battery banks with other brands of charge equipment whose charge voltage cannot be adjusted. Another advantage is that the Battery Mate does not waste charge energy due to its high efficiency.
  • Charge Mate to interconnect two battery banks during charging.
  • Battery Watch protection against battery discharge or as an automatic DC system off switch.
  • Manual battery switches for manual on and off switching of the DC consumers.

BI battery isolators

BI 1203-S
BI 1202-S
BI 703
BI 702-S

Battery Mate

Battery Mate 1602 IG
Battery Mate 1603 IG
Battery Mate 2503 IG

Battery Watch

Battery Watch

Charge Mate

Charge Mate 1202
Charge Mate 2502