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Electric propulsion by Mastervolt

Electric sailing is becoming ever more popular. Perhaps it is the peace and comfort that comes from saying goodbye to engine vibrations and noise. Our desire to be eco-friendly is certainly playing a key role. And then there is also the fact that many of the world’s ‘green zones’ can only be accessed with silent and emission-free e-propulsion.

Choosing your electric or hybrid solution

Having developed our e-propulsion products in partnership with the experts in this field, Mastervolt offers complete electric propulsion systems up to 20 kW or customised solutions with higher capacities (up to 40 kW). In addition to propulsion, some systems can also supply power to the batteries, battery chargers and battery monitoring devices. And we have a range of intelligent, integrated solutions for hybrid sailing.

Total package

Mastervolt delivers all its electric motors with a controller, cables, display, contact key, main switch and main fuse. Due to the wide variety of designs, materials and shapes, throttle handles are not included as standard.

Sailing hours

The number of sailing hours depends on your battery kit combined with the generated capacity. For six to eight hours of sailing, you require 4.6 x kW capacity in kWh. Example: 4.6 x 3.5 kW = 16.1 kWh; this is the capacity required for six to eight hours of sailing. A battery monitor that always provides the latest information is very beneficial when electric sailing.

Practical information:

Permanent Magnet (PM) motors are very compact and silent; Asynchronous motors are exceptionally quiet and have a very high torque.

To find out which batteries are most suitable for you, visit

A proper battery charger is essential for the maintenance and lifespan of your batteries. See for assistance with your selection.

A reliable battery monitor is a must. See

Two-year warranty and global service

All Mastervolt systems for electric sailing come with a two-year warranty as well as global service.