Mastervolt marine

Hybrid Power

Can a generator that is between two and four times smaller still meet your onboard power demands? Can such a generator start your air conditioning, while you are also cooking dinner and turning on the lights, as is the case at home? The answer is a resounding yes.

Meet the Mastervolt GPX, the first hybrid marine power system to include a generator, inverter, battery charger and generator/inverter/shore transfer system. Unlike a ‘classic’ setup, the GPX reduces volume by 40% and weight by 50%, providing you with a pure sine wave 230 V and an absolutely stable 50 Hz onboard AC power. You can even combine shore power with power from the generator and batteries.

Smaller generator, more efficiency, less budget

In conventional setups the size of the generator is dictated by the highest load demand. Although the average load on the generator is much lower, you end up with a generator that is far too big for your power needs. The result is a waste of budget and space, and way too much time spent running at an inefficient low load level. The new Mastervolt GPX brings an end to this over-specification, and reduces fuel consumption and noise levels in the process.

Full automatic operation

With the Mastervolt GPX you have no more concerns about peak loads. For instance, there is no need to start the generator itself first to switch on your air conditioning. The inverter will power this load from the batteries for the first 30 seconds, after which the generator will start automatically. And it’s all fully automatic. The GPX will operate according to your chosen user profile: Silent, Normal or Power.

Easy installation

Installing a Mastervolt GPX is easy as it consists of a compact box that includes all the essentials for your power needs. Via MasterBus, Mastervolt’s intelligent one-cable system, you can connect all components on your boat quickly and without fuss. The MasterView Easy or MasterView System touchscreen displays allow you to operate and monitor your system, even from a distance with GPRS/SMS text messages.