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Power Plant with 121 SunMaster inverters

A distribution centre owned by an international supermarket chain currently has one of the largest solar power plants using string inverters in Belgium. With a total capacity of over 3 MW and a surface area of around 52,000 m2, the installation is located in Zellik, a suburb of Brussels. It was built by Enerdeal NV-SA and is equipped with 121 SunMaster CS20TL Mastervolt inverters.

Despite the high total capacity, Enerdeal deliberately chose string inverters to simplify the installation, optimise the installation capacity, minimise the effect of possible failures and improve installation management.

The SunMaster CS20TL inverters were selected because they can be more easily installed compared to inverters in similar capacity categories: They are lighter in weight, have a compact casing and are easily configured. This improves the yield and leads to lower overall costs, especially when a large number of devices are used.

Moreover, the transformer-free CS type is unique for its flexibility and extremely powerful MPP tracker with a high dynamic efficiency of 99.8 percent. As a result the project achieves a high yield with only one type of inverter, despite the fact that there are three different types of PV modules used in the MW project.

Additionally, the inverters can be installed directly on the roof thanks to their compact IP65 casing. The inverter displays provide useful information for the installation and in case of potential failures at string level. The integrated rubber feet protect the casing, while the communication module is completely removable for installing the simple wiring.  These characteristics result in an easily manageable but highly valuable improvement for Enerdeals’ overall quality management.

“In addition to the technical qualities of the SunMaster, we were also convinced by our cooperation with the Mastervolt team,” says Filip Verboven of Enerdeal. “The engineers provided constructive support, including in the preparation period, and clearly contributed to the success of the installation. The devices themselves have also proven their reliability: The installation and the setup went very smoothly and the capacity of the installation exceeds all our expectations.”