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Two new 'Powerbook' guides.

Mastervolt, the market leader in marine electrical power systems that provide ‘the power to be independent’, has published two new ‘Powerbooks’ to help its customers select the right equipment and design complete electrical power management systems for their boats. The Powerbooks are comprehensive resources for boat owners, acting as ‘how to’ manuals for designing systems and detailed catalogues of all Mastervolt products. They are currently available in English and Dutch, with several other language versions, such as French and German, already in preparation.


In addition to the printed Powerbooks, which can be obtained by post or by collection from Mastervolt stands at boating exhibitions, online versions can be read swiftly from Mastervolt’s website  


The 152 page Marine Systems Powerbook provides a comprehensive, step by step guide to designing and specifying a complete electrical power management system for motorboats, sailing craft and catamarans. Within each of those categories, the information is broken down into what is required when undertaking mainly day trips, weekends away or while cruising to faraway destinations.


Each section begins with an analysis of typical ‘boaters’ requirements on an average boat being used for each purpose, and providing an easy guide to calculating total power consumption. The Powerbook then uses diagrams, photographs and clear text to guide the reader through a ‘best system’ to take care of these power requirements, including choice of batteries, chargers/inverters, monitoring power consumption and linking it all together with a Mastervolt MasterBus. Each section is completed with a guide to incorporating an electric motor to power the vessel, which is an area of high growth and interest amongst today’s boat owners and one in which Mastervolt again leads the way.


With the best system for each type of boat and main use now defined, the second fully illustrated 100 page powerbook, the Marine Products Powerbook, can be referred to for full details of each individual item. Clear descriptions, diagrams and explanations precede complete details and side by side comparison tables. Everything is there, whether it’s all the various battery types, sine wave inverters, alternators and charge regulators, digital distribution, AC transfer systems or battery isolators – and a good deal more besides.


Together, the two Mastervolt Powerbooks will guide boat owners through all the many available choices, which may then be discussed with or simply presented to their Mastervolt dealer, who will be able to fulfil the order with the minimum of fuss. The owner will further benefit by gaining a good understanding and knowledge of his boat’s complete power system.



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Mastervolt is world leader in the supply of electrical power solutions to marine, mobile, and solar markets and has a worldwide presence in more than 80 countries.


Established in 1991, Mastervolt International employs 115 full-time staff in seven countries and has its headquarters in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Mastervolt International is privately owned by its founders, current management and a number of key employees.



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