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Here it is again: Mastervolt’s famous Powerbook. In the best Mastervolt tradition we have created a brand new edition packed with our latest innovations and most recent product information with all up-to-date specs. For your convenience; the Mastervolt Powerbook is available in an online and a printed version. Check it out now!

AC Master 12/350 (230V)

Mastervolt offers a complete range of inverters from 300 watt to 40 kwatt in AC Master, Mass Sine and Mass Sine Ultra models. The AC Master is ideal for small and medium-sized applications, while Mass Sine and the advanced Mass Sine Ultra inverters are mainly intended for larger systems and for professional purposes. Mastervolt offers inverters for 230V/50Hz as well as 120V/60Hz (American voltage).

AC Master sine wave inverters

With a compact, lightweight and silent AC Master you can easily convert the voltage of a 12 or 24 V battery into 230 V/50 Hz AC current the same way you would at home or work. From microwave to hairdryer, DVD player to electrical tools, laptop to flatscreen; the pure sine wave preserves your equipment without disruption, humming or lines on the TV screen, while ensuring a longer lifespan of all connected equipment and saving you the costs of all those adapters.

Simple and safe to connect

The inverters benefit from robust connection technology with a cable and plug & play inlet.

Efficient use of batteries

The high conversion efficiency and automatic no-consumption economy mode ensure a longer lifespan for your batteries.

High peak loads for start-up

The AC Master sine wave inverters can supply up to 200 % capacity for equipment that requires a short boost of extra power when starting up.

No humming with HF technology

Our use of high-frequency switch technology means you can say goodbye to humming transformers and hello to efficiency. Mastervolt inverters are also small and lightweight to ensure easy installation.

Product code: 28010350 This product is no longer available.
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General specifications
Output waveform true sine
Nominal output voltage 230 V
P30 power at 40 °C, cos phi 1 350 W
Nominal input voltage 12
Min. battery capacity 60 Ah
Dimensions, hxwxd 74 x 152 x 242 mm
2.9 x 6.0 x 9.5 inch
Weight 1.85 kg
4.1 lb
Technical specifications
Technology HF switch mode
Low battery voltage, switches off at 10.3 V
Low battery voltage, switches on at 12.3 V
High battery voltage, switches off at 15.3 V
High battery voltage, switches on at 14.6 V
Max. ripple on DC (battery) 5% RMS
Input current (nominal load) 38 A
No-load power consumption (energy saving mode) 0.8 A
Cos phi all power factors allowed
Temperature range (ambient temp.) 0-40 °C
32 °F
Protection degree 21
Cooling yes


User manuals

AC Master 12/350 (230V)

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User manuals

AC Master 12/350 (230V)

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AC Master 12/350 (230V)

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