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Mastervolt works with energy for energy
Energy supply that you can trust. Always and everywhere. That is Mastervolt’s mission. With our products and systems, we offer you the “power to be independent”. Wherever you are, whatever you are doing.

In order to guarantee that independence, Mastervolt has always opted for quality and the power of innovation. And to that we have added something very important: the passion to be the best. Factors which have led to Mastervolt becoming a leading, worldwide A-brand with a clear focus and specialisation in three market sectors:

  • Maritime energy
  • Automotive energy
  • Solar energy 

For these market sectors, Mastervolt develops, manufactures and distributes high-quality electrotechnical systems for independent energy supply. With its head office in Amsterdam (the Netherlands) and 7 of its own branches worldwide, Mastervolt sells these systems in more than 60 countries throughout the world via a network of distributors and dealers. 

Towboat or luxury yacht. Cruise ship or dinghy. Those who sail – whether professionally or for pleasure – rely on the products and systems of Mastervolt. Wherever they are in the world. After all, nowhere else will you find more choice and possibilities for your on-board electrical system. Storage batteries, generators, charging units, transformers, display panels, wiring and fully integrated systems; the extensive Mastervolt range always offers a solution for any on-board energy problem. From 12, 24 and 220/230 volts to the American 120 volts. 

On the motorway or in the mountains. At the market or as an emergency service at an accident. On the road with the camper van or a television crew on location. A reliable energy supply is an absolute must in such circumstances and can even be a life-saver sometimes. Mastervolt will happily show you the way to an automotive system with no weak links for a reliable and silent energy supply with minimal fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. 

No, Mastervolt does not control the sun but it does arrange everything else that you need to generate, store, process and finally obtain solar energy from your power points. In the form of both autonomous and networked solar systems. Mastervolt is a pioneer in the field of solar energy. Worldwide there are more than 100,000 solar inverters installed which bear the Mastervolt label. In individual houses, in entire residential districts, at a school in South America and at a medical post on the edge of the desert. Mastervolt gets the best out of the sun.