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Research and innovation

Globally Mastervolt has around 150 permanent employees, the majority working in the head office in Amsterdam. There are also hundreds of other people with a heart for Mastervolt who work for distributors and dealers around the world. All the people professionally associated with Mastervolt share a similar mission and passion.

The mission: To supply reliable energy systems to locations where there is no way to generate or receive electricity in a conventional manner. We follow a process of continuous innovation, especially in the field of green power supplies and electric propulsion.

The passion: Developing and realising the best and most innovative power products and systems to accomplish our mission, which is why Research & development is one of Mastervolt’s key elements. As a leading company in energy systems, we develop our solutions both in-house and in cooperation with leading universities, designers and manufacturers. As a result Mastervolt is a healthy and growing company with an informal, open character. Professionalism goes hand in hand with pride and pleasure in our work.