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Mastervolt IntelliGuard

Easy management of multiple systems

For the management of multiple systems, Mastervolt provides a set of management functions under the name IntelliGuard.

IntelliGuard provides installers, housing corporations and other service organisations with an overview of their clients on one computer screen. The clear information on the so-called dashboard gives insight into what systems demand attention. Error notifications with background information are provided via e-mail, while a powerful search function and the option of co-monitoring with the client simplify client support. The Mastervolt hotline guarantees direct contact with an expert.

IntelliGuard provides installers with the capacity to offer better client service.

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IntelliGuard manuals

Features IntelliGuard

  • Secure personal account.
  • Monitoring of one or several inverters per account.
  • Real-time data.
  • Overview of status, power, energy (day, week, month, year, total), financial savings, voltage, current, and (inverter) temperature.
  • Logbook per inverter.
  • Available in English, Dutch, French and German.
  • Download monitoring data per inverter (CSV format; edit in Excel).
  • Support in the languages EN, NL, DE and FR; through telephone or the feedback button.
  • Overview page of all customers and error notifications.
  • Quick Search (by name, email address, or serial number).
  • Mailbox for error notifications.
  • Remote view of installations, adjust settings.
  • Adding and removing installations.
  • Monitor inverters that are not registered on a user account.
  • Mastervolt hotline for service providers.