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Conclusions and recommendations

  • The low internal resistance of AGM batteries makes them highly suitable for powering winches, windlasses and bowthrusters, for starting engines, and for limited cyclic use.
  • Gel batteries are highly suitable as service batteries due to the fact that they can be quickly charged and have a long lifespan, even with many charge/discharge cycles. For a service battery you can choose for either a 6-volt, 12-volt or 24-volt version or the 2-volt model.
  • Lithium Ion batteries save up to 70 % in space and weight, last three times longer and can be recharged and discharged very quickly, 2000 charge cycles in normal use.
  • Mastervolt batteries are completely maintenance-free and in normal circumstances do not release acid or generate dangerous gas. They are easy to install anywhere onboard, such as next to the bilge or in the engine room (the latter may lead to reduced lifespan due to higher temperatures). Special battery cases or external ventilation are usually unnecessary as natural ventilation will suffice.