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Frequently Asked Questions about MasterBus

Vraag 1 What is MasterBus?

MasterBus is a protocol for exchanging information between the connected components within an electric system. MasterBus is also the standard for a plug & play information system for (de)centralised operation, service and monitoring. MasterBus ensures you a simple, logical and reliable energy system.

Vraag 2 What can I do with MasterBus?

The MasterBus system is incredibly flexible and can be designed and extended to any size. Using several handy interfaces, it is also possible to connect all sorts of conventional products to MasterBus. Via the MasterBus USB interface, for example, you can connect a PC or a laptop to the system.

Vraag 3 Can I connect other products to the MasterBus?

Yes, that is possible. Although MasterBus is a Mastervolt-specific protocol, non -Mastervolt products can still be connected to the system. Equipment with maritime standard NMEA 2000 connections can be easily connected via the MasterBus NMEA 2000 Interface. In addition, the MasterBus network can be integrated within your own central system by means of the MasterBus Modbus Interface or the MasterBus Firecan Interface.

Vraag 4 Is MasterBus an open source?

No, MasterBus is a closed protocol. This allows Mastervolt to guarantee that a MasterBus system works safely and without interference, with a uniform data supply and no unwanted interruptions. Components from other suppliers can be connected via the communication interfaces specially designed by Mastervolt. They ensure a safe and pure transition to the protocol and operate as a firewall against data interference and voltage conflicts. This ensures that the MasterBus network is always safe and reliable.

Vraag 5 What is the basis of MasterBus?

MasterBus hardware is based on CANbus V2.0 technology. The software communication protocol was designed by Mastervolt to maximise the performance of an electrical power system.

Vraag 6 How many Mastervolt products can I connect to a MasterBus?

You can connect a maximum of 63 products within a MasterBus data network.

Vraag 7 What is the maximum cable length?

  • 250 m with less than 10 connected products.
  • 150 m with up to 25 connected products.
  • 100 m with up to 50 connected products.

Or use a MasterBus Repeater.

Vraag 8 What cables should I use?

We advise using the green Mastervolt cables, but MasterBus also works with high quality UTP cables. A Mastervolt DIY kit contains all you need to make the cables for a complete system of any desired length

Vraag 9 How do I connect a MasterBus?

The MasterBus data network lifeline is the cable which runs as a chain from component to component. Both ends of the cable should be provided with a MasterBus terminator. On each MasterBus product are two equal communication ports for connection. By connecting a MasterBus cable to each of the ports you add the product to the chain. The terminators at both ends of the cable ensure interference-free operation, prevent reflection of data signals and ensure high communication speeds.

Vraag 10 Do components always have to be connected as a chain?

The MasterBus network requires that all components together create a chain with terminators at both ends. Circular configurations or branch systems may interrupt the data supply and power supply, damaging the connected equipment.

Vraag 11 What might be the causes of a malfunctioning MasterBus network?

  • One or both terminators are missing on the outside components in the chain.
  • One of the cables is disconnected or incorrectly connected: Check whether you see an open communication port.
  • One of the plugs is not properly connected to the cable.

Vraag 12 Do I need an additional power supply for MasterBus components?

No. A number of the connected components, such as the MasterShunt and the Mass battery charger, can supply the necessary MasterBus power. Other components such as interfaces and MasterView panels consume this power. The MasterBus cable is simultaneously responsible for data communication and power provision.

Vraag 13 Can I connect different batteries to the same MasterBus circuit?

Yes. As all power supply sources within a MasterBus circuit are galvanically isolated, all connections are completely safe.

Vraag 14 Do I need additional accessories for the MasterBus system?

Not for Mastervolt products. All MasterBus products come with the necessary accessories included.

Vraag 15 What happens if the MasterBus data network fails?

The electrical onboard system will not shut down. Mastervolt components such as the inverter and battery charger will default to normal autonomous operation. You will be able to operate the equipment itself and still have power onboard. A malfunction in the MasterBus network causes two distribution points that no longer work together, although they still work independently.

Vraag 16 Can I adjust a MasterBus system while it is in operation?

Yes, that is possible. However, do remember that the communication network is only complete and able to function properly when all connections and terminators have been added to the network chain again. N.B. Events may ‘pass’ without reaching the right equipment.

Vraag 17 Why do I have terminators left over after installing a complete system?

All MasterBus products are supplied with one terminator as standard. As there are only two terminators required within one system, you may have one or more terminators left over. Keep them as spares.

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