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The smartest solutions for power conversion, storage and management

This broad market is often characterised by the application of higher capacities. With this in mind Mastervolt has developed its powerful Mass Combi Ultra, Mass three-phase chargers, 2 V gel batteries and MLI Ultra Lithium Ion battery. From major emergency power applications to alternatives to combustion engines, Mastervolt provides solutions with capacities up to 30 kW. The Combi Ultra, for example, can provide this power via parallel and three-phase switching, offering a perfect alternative in areas where conventional engines cannot be used due to environmental or health & safety regulations.

Smart systems are designed in partnership with suppliers to tackle issues such as warehouse automation or the creation of battery sets for unmanned vehicles. You have access to a comprehensive range of applications. Mastervolt provides solutions for system capacities from 300 W to 30,000 W, often in one system, so that electrical power conversion, storage and management is covered in a single solution.

Real life systems: