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Powering sensitive applications without a hitch

Mastervolt provides applications that can be seen daily on the streets, such as road signs, warning systems, street lighting, advertising displays and security systems. In these cases there is no utility grid available and generating autonomous energy is a better solution from an economic and/or environmental perspective. The energy is often stored for longer or shorter periods, in which case Mastervolt’s Lithium Ion batteries are the ideal solution. Small, relatively lightweight and with a substantial capacity and lifespan, they meet all the main priorities for the infrastructure market. The telecom market and its back-up systems for transmitters also benefits from Mastervolt solutions, mainly because of our wide range of lead-acid batteries.

As the provision of services is often difficult and costly in the infrastructure market, it is essential that products continue to function without a hitch. Product ‘cost of ownership’ is a crucial issue, and Mastervolt scores very highly in this respect too.

Real life systems: