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Mastervolt IntelliConcept

Smart innovation for 5 to 10 % extra yield

An inverter should be able to provide the highest possible yields even when the conditions are not perfect. Mastervolt’s inverters are designed to deliver optimal results, not just in sunny weather but also in changing conditions or low irradiance. Instead of focusing on the improvement of individual specifications, such as the inverter’s peak efficiency, Mastervolt identified eight separate performance characteristics which, when combined, ensure a considerably higher energy yield.

additional yield in the early morning and late evening

IntelliStart The IntelliStart function is able to provide extra yield thanks to 200 additional operating hours a year. An inverter with IntelliStart wakes up earlier in the morning and goes to sleep later. Many competitor products work with a constant start-up voltage. The IntelliStart flexible start-up voltage inside a Mastervolt inverter extends the operating time by automatically adjusting to the solar panels. 

stable high efficiency and constant high power

IntelliCool High inverter temperature reduces efficiency and leads to power derating. Ambient temperature is always highest under maximum irradiance, i.e. when the available power from the sun is at its highest. The active Optima Cooling system automatically adjusts the cooling of Mastervolt inverters to ambient conditions. Thus ensuring a high efficiency and constant high power capacity - even on particularly hot days.

additional yield by tracking fast weather changes

IntelliTrack Irradiance levels change constantly, especially on cloudy days. The inverter must adjust to these changes quickly and precisely. Each delay and any deviation from the perfect position leads to loss of energy. Mastervolt inverters are equipped with a very dynamic and precise MPP tracker which constantly adapts to the level of irradiance. The independent Austrian Institute of Technology tested the performance of the Mastervolt tracker, simulating a full year of operation. The result: with 99.9 % static MPP efficiency and 99.8 % dynamic MPP efficiency, the Mastervolt tracker’s adaptability is among the best in class.

maximizes efficiency where it’s needed most

IntelliPeak Mastervolt inverters reach very high maximum and European efficiency values. But other than the ‘European efficiency’ formula suggests, the majority of annual yield is actually generated at medium to high levels of irradiance. Many inverters perform best at low to medium levels of sunlight while reducing efficiency at high irradiance. Thanks to the Real-Life Efficiency design strategy, Mastervolt inverters bring more yield by running at peak efficiency when abundant sunlight is available.

stable operation during small grid disturbances


Small grid disturbances, occurring in most installations, often lead to disconnection of the solar inverter. One to five disconnections per day, each taking two to five minutes, are no exception. The economic loss from these interruptions can add up to 4 %. The IntelliGrid function enables Mastervolt inverters to continue power feed-in even during grid disturbances, resulting in a higher yield.

up to 80 % reduction of cable loss

IntelliString Up to 2 % of the total power available from the PV panels is lost in cabling. To minimize these losses, Mastervolt inverters are designed to operate at high voltages. A doubling of system voltage results in a four-fold reduction of cable losses. A 5 kWp array at 1000 V has therefore 75 % less cable losses than the same array with 2x 500 V.

maximizes production, even under shaded conditions

IntelliShade Shading of parts of the PV panels often occurs in the morning or the evenings and is easily overlooked. Even the smallest partial shading of a single panel has a high impact on the power output  of the array. IntelliShade detects the shading and adjusts the input conditions accordingly, thus maximizing the production.

integrated monitoring for early warning on system fault

IntelliWeb PV systems are designed for 25 years of energy production. During this period, one or more technical problems may occur resulting in lost yield. The total production loss depends from the time it takes to detect and solve the problem. There are examples of production losses up to 4 % as result of problems that went unnoticed during many months. Mastervolt inverters are equipped with an integrated monitoring function and logbook. The monitoring portal sends an automatic warning immediately after a fault is detected.