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Sales- and Service Partners

Mastervolt offers its Sales and Service Partners worldwide technical support.

EMEA Headquarter /Benelux + other countries 
T: +31 (0)20 34 22 100



Whenever you report a technical malfunction or defect, please provide Mastervolt with the following information:

  • The serial number of all relevant products.
  • Proof of purchase of the product or proof of delivery of your system. When a product is built-in to a vessel or camper, we need the name of the builder, year of construction, construction number and date of delivery.
  • A signed checklist and numbered warranty certificate (only relevant in case of extended warranty).
Mastervolt offers service solutions for a period of ten years. You can request all options from your Mastervolt dealer or authorized service partner.
  • Mastervolt guarantees the functioning of its products under normal use (in accordance with specified specifications) for a period of two years for Marine and Automotive products. The warranty period starts after the purchase of the device or component through the Mastervolt reseller (unless stated otherwise in the manual or other descriptions, such as batteries).
  • The product warranty is limited to the costs of repairing and / or replacing defective parts. The possible costs of (dis)assembly, shipping and / or travel and accommodation costs of technicians are not covered by this warranty.
  • The warranties will be denied in situations where damage has occurred due to the use of Mastervolt products under conditions for which they are not specified, incorrect installation or maintenance or exchange or modifications by support points other than certified by Mastervolt.
  • Click here for the full warranty conditions of our products.
  • We recommend you to coordinate all return shipments via a Mastervolt Service Point, unless specifically agreed otherwise with the Technical Support department in Amsterdam.
  • The following conditions apply to all return shipments:
  • An RMA (Return Materials Authorization) registration number is required for fast handling of all return shipments. This number must be stated on all packaging and documentation. RMA numbers are available via your Mastervolt Service Point.
  • • All return shipments should be sent to Amsterdam postage paid. Mastervolt does not accept costs for shipping, handling or import duties.

Note: Never return a product to Mastervolt Amsterdam without an RMA number!