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Azimutel, Spain

Our ‘Meet the Distributor’ posts introduce our partners and showcases the vital work they do. This time, we’ve spoken to Azimutel who represents Mastervolt in Spain and the nearby islands.

What are your key Mastervolt products and why do Mastervolt and Power Products fit well with your off-grid and mobile projects?

"Azimutel has been working as distributor for Spain for nearly 15 years. At Azimutel, we have a dedicated On-Road Division (as well as Marine Division). The On-Road division is ‘younger’, more dynamic and developing quickly. In this market, we have been able to introduce new and evolving products like the Lithium Ion Batteries, Combis including the new CombiMaster, and CZone for its advantages in installation and system integration. A large part of our recent growth has been in the Mobile and Industrial projects based on the products listed before with customers based in the Civil Engineering, Military Engineering, and Special Vehicle industries."

What do you like about working with Mastervolt?

"Mastervolt products are supported by some great people across the departments in Amsterdam HQ. We ask plenty of technical questions so we appreciate the time and support given by the Mastervolt team."

There have been huge advances in the technology used with power electronics in recent years. What has been the biggest change or development for you with the mobile market?

"One word: Lithium! The lithium-ion battery technology has completely changed what we can offer our customers in terms of performance and durability."


Mastervolt distributor Azimutel Spain

How have you seen the market changing over the last few years towards these new and emerging technologies?

"We see a continued demand for reducing costs across all electrical solutions, especially as these types of vehicles are becoming more common. We are looking forwards to working with the new Mastervolt app that is being developed to control products via smart devices. This will help meet our customer demands too, as well as widen overall awareness and care of the products installed on a mobile project."

How have you and your team had to adapt to be able to design, install and support these technical systems?

"We created the role of Director of Projects. This person oversees all phases of a project from system design and control of the customer’s design, through to delivery, calibration and after-sales. Our customers enjoy this complete service. We dedicate significant resource in continued training, both inside and outside of the company. The Mastervolt training sessions are a key part of this."


Mastervolt distributor Azimutel Spain

Where do you see the future of powered electronics going in the next 5 years? Any trends that your customers should be on the lookout for?

"We must all embrace the shift in preference for autonomous electrical systems. Electrical vehicles are quieter and cleaner for our urban spaces, for example. We have several projects relating to 100 % electric commercial vehicles that make deliveries around busy cities. Azimutel will be working hard to make all our customers aware of the benefits of Lithium ion solutions and integration across all systems, including the reduction of emissions and elimination of diesel generators that they can provide."


NOTE: Mastervolt’s global network of distribution partners play a crucial part in providing customers with exceptional service and support wherever in the world: Mastervolt couldn’t do it without them!