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Energig, Denmark

Our ‘Meet the Distributor’ posts introduce our partners and showcases the vital work they do.
This time we meet Energig and owner Simon Christoffersen, who represent Mastervolt in Denmark.

Mastervolt Distributor Energig Danmark

Tell us a little more about yourself and Energig and how you became to be a Mastervolt distributor?

"Energig is a Power Product company focused on off grid electrical installations, based mainly on renewable energy. We deliver power to any purpose, where there is no power source for vehicles, boats, cabins, lighthouses, to name a few. We provide power solutions for our customers from design, installation, configuration and aftersales service. Since 2016 we are Mastervolt / Power Products distributor. We wanted the high-end quality products in our portfolio and were already familiar with Mastervolt. I found out that there was no distributor in Denmark, so put myself and Energig forwards."

Who are your main customers? Do you have a most popular product from Mastervolt and the Power Products group?

"Energig sells Mastervolt and the other Power Product brands, with about 98% of the business being B2B. As opposed to some other distributors, Energig is focused on the power solutions, and not a specific area such as marine or vehicles etc. Therefore, we end up working with a wide range of customers which is exciting! I enjoy working with Mastervolt due to the product quality, and the high professional standards and responsiveness from the team in Amsterdam. The brand is known for trustworthiness and I rarely have to explain to customers that Mastervolt is high quality. My favourite product is the Amperian Interface. I think the potential for this is very big, especially if there was a CZone version as well, and I hope the product develops more in the future."

Mastervolt Distributor Energig Danmark

Mastervolt Distributor Energig Danmark

What has been the biggest development for you in recent years?

"There have been huge advances in the technology used with power electronics in recent years. Again, the Amperian Interface could play a part in this, along with CZone. The potential for a cloud-based business to drive the hardware is huge. The Internet of Things (IoT) is the future!"

Where do you see the future of power electronics going in the next 5 years? Any trends that your customers should be on the lookout for?

"The future is data and connect-ability. Years ago, people got smart phones. Today people expect everything to interact with their smartphones and almost everything does, but not always the power system yet. Mastervolt should completely enable products so that the end-user can have control of all power systems at their fingertips."

Have you set any sustainability goals for the future? What are your 'green' product trends?

"We try to avoid everything fossil based and are trying to move our customers to electric powered solutions. It’s not 100% possible yet, but we will get there. Our aim is to market primarily renewable green energy solutions for all types of off grid installations. We are not limited to solar and wind as alternative energy sources. Fuel cells and other alternative sources are available, and we are happy to discuss options with our customers."


NOTE: Mastervolt’s global network of distribution partners plays a crucial part in providing customers with exceptional service and support wherever in the world: Mastervolt couldn’t do it without them!