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Fischer Panda, United Kingdom

Our ‘Meet the Distributor’ posts introduce our partners and showcases the vital work they do. This time, we’ve spoken to Fischer Panda UK.

Tell us a little more about Fischer Panda UK and how you became to be a Mastervolt distributor?

"Fischer Panda UK began 25 years ago as a supplier and installer to small leisure vessels of small, suitcase size diesel generators – known today as Fischer Panda. As a company we’ve grown organically with some acquisitions and today represent a number of industry leading brands – Dometic, HVAC systems – and of course Mastervolt and CZone. We started officially trading with Mastervolt back in 2012 and identified Mastervolt as a high quality, technically reliable and premium product to work alongside our generator range and further enable us to offer more integrated system solutions to our customers."

What are the key Mastervolt products you sell?

"We sell the complete Mastervolt range but through our system approach we tend to sell higher numbers of Combi’s and MasterBus components such as the Easyview 5 and DC shunts. We mainly work with marine and vehicle/automotive customers and the reliability and simple end user functionality that Mastervolt products offer means the products are well supported on a technical level which enables us as a distributor to pass on that high level of support to our customers."

Mastervolt distributor Fischer Panda UK

Fischer Panda has added considerable new technologies and products to their offering in recent years, what can you tell us about those?

“The main push from Fischer Panda is to offer more efficient forms of generators. End customers are telling us now that they are focusing more on exhaust emissions and quieter running levels. Whether it be on a vehicle or boat, people want more efficient equipment and the generator needs to deliver on this. Inverter based generators or commonly known as variable speed generators are the future for Fischer Panda’s range.”

As Mastervolt's key CZone distribution partner in the UK and Ireland, can you explain a little more about this system, what is digital switching, and how do you support customers who choose this?

“Digital switching is the future for marine and automotive applications. End customers want less clutter on dashboards and want to control/monitor equipment from a single point or even remote device. CZone greatly simplifies the installation of electric systems and its partnership with Mastervolt enables us as the UK distributor to offer further integrated packages. In an ideal world we would support customers who choose this option through speaking with an end customer at the design stage so we can consult and assist in designing the electrical part of the system. We’ve also invested heavily in our technical team with training courses at Mastervolt HQ, and increased our headcount to support us with this growth.” 

Have you set any sustainability goals for the future? What are your 'green' product trends?

“Electric Propulsion in the inland boating market is increasing, as boaters aim to improve their carbon footprint. We are seeing good growth in this market for complete system packages.”


NOTE: Mastervolt’s global network of distribution partners plays a crucial part in providing customers with exceptional service and support wherever in the world: Mastervolt couldn’t do it without them!