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Motocraft S.A.

Our ‘Meet the Distributor’ posts introduce our partners around the world and showcases the vital work they do. This time, we’ve spoken to Motocraft who represent Mastervolt in Greece. 

Tell us about yourselves and how long you have been working with Mastervolt?

MOTOCRAFT S.A. was established in 1996 and is a leading distributor of engines, propulsion systems, generators, stabilizers, electrical equipment, and components in Greece. We’re proud that due to our reputation, technical skills, and adaptability to all types of projects, we have strong partnerships with renowned manufacturers and are a partner of preference for suppliers and customers alike.

What are the key Mastervolt products you sell, and to what type of customers?

We sell all products offered by Mastervolt, from chargers and Masterbus cables to inverters, and complete CZone networks and MLI batteries. Our main customer base is the marine market (both boat builders, retailers, and integrators) but we also have clients in the automotive market covering specialty vehicles and RVs.

What is your favorite thing about selling Mastervolt products, what do you like about the Mastervolt brand?

The Mastervolt range gives us innovative solutions for any project. All the products have outstanding performance, flexibility, unique features and are built to withstand the harsh marine and mobile environment. We love to provide solutions into demanding and complex installations but MLI batteries, the Combimaster inverter/charger series and the Chargemaster Plus series are our definite standouts.

There have been huge advances in the technology used with power electronics in recent years. What has been the biggest change or development for you?

Lithium-ion batteries and CZone digital switching are the most important. Lithium-ion batteries offer power, reliability, and long life in a small, lightweight package with little to no maintenance, making them perfect for marine and mobile applications. With CZone’s digital switching we have simpler electrical systems with easier and faster installation than traditional wiring and of course many more features regarding monitoring and controlling those systems.

How have you seen the market changing over the last few years towards these new and emerging technologies?

With Lithium-ion batteries clients are given the choice of “greener”, more environmentally friendly solutions. Being able to rely solely on battery power while travelling and not depending on engines or generators is a popular trend. CZone digital switching simplifies installation, operation, and control of the yacht or vehicle.

How have you and your team had to adapt to be able to design, install and support these technical systems?

Our goal is to provide our customer base with integrated solutions, so we dedicate significant time and resources for product specific training, and consequently our team has the knowledge and confidence to promote, propose and finally install and service the various products.

Where do you see the future of power electronics going in the next 5 years? Any trends that your customers should be on the lookout for?

The automotive industry has already shifted its focus on electric vehicles for a minimal carbon footprint. Electric propulsion has also been available for some years and will continue to grow. We believe that the demand for 100% electric boats will increase in the next decade as this type of propulsion is adapting to the concerns of the owners regarding emissions and fuel costs. This in turn will accelerate the development of smaller, lighter, and more powerful batteries, to sustain those systems. Also, digital switching systems will see an increase as clients will desire to monitor and control the systems of their boats remotely with smartphones and tablets.


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