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Powerduo Oy, Finland

Our ‘Meet the Distributor’ posts introduce our partners and showcases the vital work they do. This time, we’ve spoken to Powerduo Oy who represent Mastervolt in Finland.

Mastervolt distributor Powerduo Oy Finland

Tell us a little more about Powerduo Oy and when you became a Mastervolt distributor?

"Powerduo Oy has been working with Mastervolt since 2004. The company mainly works with the OEM markets, in both the marine and mobile sectors. There is a strong focus on providing complete systems since we really believe that this is the main strength of both, Mastervolt and Powerduo Oy. Whilst there are many products on the market, the system approach from Mastervolt gives additional value to the customer."

What are your game changing Mastervolt products, and what do you enjoy about being part of the Mastervolt family?

"The key product for us is the MLI Ultra lithium batteries. They mean we can now offer customers an efficient solution to meet their ever-increasing need for electricity while moving, whether that is by boat or by mobile home. Other important products are the charging/inverting systems and CZone digital switching. Our favourite thing is to sell a complete powered solution to our customers with all the parts required for the installation. We also really enjoy educating our OEM customers on the benefits of a CZone system combined with Mastervolt products."

Mastervolt distributor Powerduo Oy Finland

What has been the biggest change or development for you, especially with the recent advances in technology used in power electronics?

"We see a big opportunity to further develop the Mastervolt off-grid powered systems here in the Nordic countries with an increase in remote offices and working. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic more and more people are working from summer houses, boats and mobile homes. Supplying reliable power systems to these customers will boost sales in the near future, since many of these customers will not return to office buildings but keep on working from elsewhere."

Where do you see the future of power electronics going in the next 5 years?

"Many of our customers insist they are kept up to date with the latest product and technology developments. This is good for us as a business as it ensures we educate ourselves properly whenever new technologies come available. We are seeing a rising demand for bigger and bigger systems growing. These systems need more complex integration and remote monitoring options, and we enjoy working with the team at Mastervolt to ensure customer needs are met."


NOTE: Mastervolt’s global network of distribution partners plays a crucial part in providing customers with exceptional service and support wherever in the world: Mastervolt couldn’t do it without them!