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Carbon Neutral Operation thanks to Clean Energy from Mastervolt

Mastervolt has been involved in an exciting project with UK distributor Fischer Panda to design, supply and install an onboard auxiliary power system for a new fleet of zero-emission EV vans operating initially in London, but shortly expanded in other UK cities and pollution hotspots.

The new EV fleet has been purchased by cleaning company Spotless Mobile to strengthen their already prominent market position in the service, valet and management of the growing car sharing club & rental market by also offering a true zero-emission service to the rapidly expanding EV sector.

Each new EV van is to be fitted with a zero-emission 230 V power system, to run pressure washers, vacuums and general cleaning equipment operated throughout the working day. After careful evaluation of the power demands of their more conventional diesel vehicles which used the alternator to power an inverter, together with their engineers’ daily work cycles, a Mastervolt integrated power system was developed. The system is based on the proven MLI Ultra battery bank, a CombiMaster inverter/charger, a DC Distribution smart fuse distribution block and an user-friendly MasterView Easy touch screen, to keep the operator informed of power available and time remaining before a recharge is needed.

The Mastervolt system has been designed so as not to impact on the vehicles range, or indeed the manufacturer`s warranty and is charged via a discrete independent waterproof 230 V input socket mounted in the front grille, close to the standard EV charging port, so it can be charged overnight at the same time as the vehicle, via the adapted charging lead kit.

Weight, space and reliability were the main points on which Mastervolt and Fischer Panda secured the contract to design, supply and fit the system. A real tangible asset is, that even with the 230 V onboard power supply, this vehicle can still enter and work in London`s low emission zones and operate congestion charge free.

Comment from Tim Morris, Chairman Spotless Mobile:

"Following an extensive search of the market for a power solution for our new EV vans and having bad experiences in the past, Spotless Mobile chose Fischer Panda UK and Mastervolt to create our power solution. From the design stage detailing our needs to the install we were very impressed, and the concept system has exceeded our expectations. We’re now rolling the solution out in all our new EV vans, which has resulted in Spotless Mobile becoming carbon neutral. This is a huge USP to our Car Club clients as their vehicles are usually located in cities and towns with congestion zones."