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ChargeMaster Plus Battery Charger Wins Industry Award

The New ChargeMaster Plus Battery Charger Receives Boating Industry 2018 Top Product Award 

Mastervolt is proud to announce that the new ChargeMaster Plus battery charger is the recipient of a 2018 Boating Industry Top Product Award

Mastervolt, the pioneer of marine and mobile power systems, announces the arrival of the ChargeMaster Plus: an all-in-one solution to charging up to 3 battery banks of multiple types more quickly and safely than ever before. 

System simplicity

The ChargerMaster Plus reduces system complexity and cost by combining multiple functions into a single unit. System components such as auxiliary charger, battery isolator, DC-DC converter and voltage sensitive relay (VSR) are all integrated into the ChargeMaster Plus to dramatically reduce system complexity and cost. 

Global charging

The ChargeMaster Plus has been designed for versatility, and can work with all local voltages and frequencies anywhere in the world. ChargerMaster Plus allows for the charging of virtually any combination of three battery banks at high speed, so a yacht with a system including Lithium Ion and AGM or gel can be recharged quickly from the same source. Advanced system control is available through MasterBus, CZone or NMEA.

Batteries Best Friend

This is possible thanks to Mastervolt’s new ‘Batteries Best Friend’ electrical architecture, designed to charge a multitude of battery chemistries, sizes and voltages using a ‘3 step +’ charging algorithm. There is also a Power Boost function to restore deeply depleted batteries 10 % faster, and a Multi-Voltage setting to charge a 12 V starter battery within a 24 V system (24 V models only).

Other features include Priority Charge, which directs all available power to the most depleted battery first, and Smart Input, which can charge all three batteries from a single alternator whilst the boat is underway.

The ChargeMaster Plus will prove ideal for blue water yachts and RV’s, as it not only handles all global grid voltages; it also resists large voltage spikes and high temperatures, useful where power supplies are erratic and unreliable. This also helps protect any sensitive equipment that may be connected to the DC system during charging. The electronics are built to operate in harsh environments, a trade mark of Mastervolt’s product range, and are fully compliant with all the key certifying authorities, such as CE, ABYC, UL, SAE, CEC, E-mark and RCM/C-Tick.  

The ChargeMaster Plus series is available in four models, ranging in charging current from 60 A at 24 V through to 75 A at 12 V, and recommended battery capacities from 160 Ah to 1000 Ah.

Built to Mastervolt’s exacting standards for rugged dependability, the ChargeMaster Plus all-in-one solution simplifies multiple-battery charging systems, offers faster and safer charging for all chemistries and with everything in one cabinet, represents the best value for money.

Key features:

  • Combine Li-ion and gel or AGM; large or small banks on a single charger.
  • Extra fast charging for very low or flat batteries with 120 % output at 14.4 V.
  • Priority Charge directs power to lowest battery and protects others from overcharging.
  • Safe Charge: quickly recognize the State of Charge for extended battery life.
  • Revival mode: automatically revives flat batteries.
  • Very wide operating range of 80 -275 VAC, 35 - 65Hz and 80 % charge output at 60 °C.
  • MasterBus connections.
  • Compact, easy to connect and quick to install.
  • Fully certified: CE, E-mark, ABYC, UL, SAE, CEC and RCM/C-Tick.


Notes for editors

Mastervolt is a global leader in electrical systems and components for the Marine and Mobile market. Mastervolt’s mission is to provide the Power to Be Independent, reliable power, anywhere in the world. Known for innovation, reliability and quality, Mastervolt products are designed to be used independently or as comprehensive, integrated systems. From power conversion to power and circuit management, all Mastervolt equipment is constructed for best performance and longevity in the harshest environments. Mastervolt’s broad range of electrical components and systems includes batteries, battery chargers, inverters, inverter/chargers, isolators, converters, transformers, digital switching systems, electric propulsion products and more. Mastervolt is part of Power Products LLC; which includes various major brands within the Marine, Mobile & Industrial division. Ancor, BEP, Blue Sea Systems, CZone, Lenco Marine,  Marinco, Mastervolt and ProMariner provided innovative electrical solutions as independent companies for decades.