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CZone® improves the user experience with new software update

CZone®, industry leader in digital control and monitoring, announces an all new graphical user interface. The release of CZone’s new software update revolutionizes how users interact with their electrical system onboard their boat or vehicle. CZone 2.0 re-engineers the user experience of operating the electrical system, making it even simpler, faster and more intuitive than ever before. 

CZone’s broad functionality combines multiple circuit or system configurations into a single Mode to quickly and easily switch a group of circuits on or off to customize the onboard environment. This could mean changing the system from day to night mode, or from underway to at-rest with a single touch. CZone’s new Favorites page makes this even easier with clear illustrations of your boat or vehicle.

With advanced customization of the new Favorites pages the user can choose what information and controls are most regularly accessed, from individual switches to critical monitoring information. Further customize the display by loading layouts or schematics specific to the vessel or vehicle.

CZone 2.0 comes as a software update for the following CZone displays:

  • Touch 10 - product code 80-911-0100-00.
  • Touch 5 - product code 80-911-0124-00.

Updated CZone 2.0 displays are compatible with existing module software and configuration tools, no other updates are required. Also included in the update is the new CZone Favourites Tool, a user friendly Windows tool that allows advanced customization of the favourites pages.

The new software versions are listed below:

  • CZone Favourites Tool R11 (Build
  • Touch 5
  • Touch 10


For more information on the release, please refer to the CZone 2.0 Quick Start Guide.


What is CZone®

CZone simplifies installation of electrical systems through the replacement of complicated and often cumbersome traditional wiring. CZone is perfect for marine and mobile automotive applications and replaces switch and fuse panels with networked digital switch interfaces providing ultimate control of your electrical systems. With one touch CZone’s intelligent management simplifies operation by combining multiple circuits through Mode selection, offers effortless Monitoring oversight of key systems and components while retaining advanced Control of specific circuits and functions.