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Firmware Update SmartRemote v1.1.0

Mastervolt is pleased to announce the release of new firmware for the SmartRemote display - product code 77010600 (retail) + product code 77010500 (OEM).

This is a fully reworked software with improved graphics, stability and ease of operation, plus the addition of the following easy-to-use features:

  • Press left and right button briefly to access the menu.
  • Activate standby mode via menu or by pressing left and right button for three seconds.
  • Auto standby mode in which the user can set the number of minutes before the display goes into hibernation (never, 2, 5, 10) (Wake-up by pressing any button).
  • Adjustment of brightness (5 % to 100 % -  in 5 % steps).
  • Support for ten languages (English, Dutch, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish).
  • Able to set paired device language (as far as languages are available).
  • Ability to unpair connected device from menu (no longer need for MasterAdjust to pair to other product).
  • ‘About’ section showing software versions and bus voltage.

Overview of the supported products:

  • CombiMaster, all models.
  • MLI Ultra 5500, MLI Ultra 2750, MLI Ultra 5000, MLI Ultra 2500, MLI Ultra MKI.
  • MasterShunt 500 CZone, MasterShunt 500.
  • Support for other Mastervolt products is under development. Please keep close attention to the SmartRemote product page for updates.

NOTE: This update is not required for existing installations but it will add the abovementioned features. Update cost is not covered under warranty.

With many recreational users having only one ‘system’ onboard in need of monitoring, the SmartRemote is the perfect partner in entry level power systems as it monitors and controls that single device. The SmartRemote color screen display shows key parameters of the connected device allowing simple and efficient monitoring, as well as offering advanced information within the offered parameters. However, with its handy functionality and compact size, the SmartRemote is also ideal as a dedicated device monitor / control in extended systems on larger boats or recreational vehicles.

The SmartRemote offers great value for money, having so many features in a compact and sturdy design, at a price which will surprise you!