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How to extend your battery life?

As official partner in the 2017 – 2019 Oyster World Rally we’ve shared some very useful tips with all of the Oyster sailors and their crews. We love to share these tips with you as well.

The subject of battery life is particularly important for yachts sailing for extended periods beyond mains power hook ups. The biggest killer of ordinary lead acid batteries is regular deep discharge beyond 50% of capacity, surprisingly easy to do by accident if there is no wind or no sun for the renewables to harvest, and the boat’s high draw systems are working hard.

Mastervolt advice is to fit - and use - a very accurate battery monitoring system, such as the new BattMan Pro, and recharge the batteries from the engine, or separate gen set, as soon as they fall near this 50% discharge rate.

An alternative is to replace lead-acid batteries with Mastervolt’s latest generation of Lithium Ion Ultra equivalents, which can be deeply, and repeatedly, discharged to within 20% of capacity without any damage, and which is only a third of the weight of lead acid types.