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Mastervolt adds 9 new models to their succesful AC Master inverter range with high-quality pure sine wave output

Off-grid users now have even greater choice of affordable high quality inverters, from 700 W to 3500 W, to convert DC battery power to stable and dependable AC mains output.

Mastervolt, the Dutch-based leader in marine and mobile power systems, is pleased to announce a major addition to the range of AC Master sine wave inverters.

Designed for easy installation, and representing complete value for money, these ruggedly built new models will supplement the already highly successful 300 W and 500 W models in the original AC Master range.

Available in 12 V and 24 V versions, the 700 W, 1000 W and the 1500 W models have recently been released, with the 2500 W and 3500 W models arriving in the fall of 2016. Next to the already extensive feature set of the 700, 1000 & 1500, the larger models will have the ability to combine multiple units into a higher power or three-phase system, along with an integrated transfer system.

Pure sine wave
The growing demand for spike free and reliable mains power, often originating from renewable sources when travelling off grid, is a continual driver for Mastervolt. The new AC Master models feature all the characteristics that have made the AC Master series so appealing to the budget-conscious user.

These include the application of high frequency switching technology that eliminates any annoying buzzing or humming so often associated with transformers, and provides a pure sine wave so vital for the correct functioning of sensitive equipment. A vario fan only comes in when needed, and is automatically adjusted to provide the most efficient cooling. The smaller models are connected by plug, whereas the larger models will be hard wired in combination with plug, and there is also an optional remote control for instant switch off.

Mastervolt has always been very aware of the needs of the installer and end-user, so the new AC Master models continue to be compact, lightweight, and highly efficient with automatic power saving systems for extended run times. They are also exceptionally safe, with protection against overload, reverse polarity, over-temperature and high or low battery voltage.

Built to the demanding IP21 standard for marine use, these affordable new sine wave inverters will seamlessly convert 12 V or 24 V battery current into stable 230 V 50/60 Hz mains power, providing essential home comforts when the user is a long way from the nearest grid connection.

Key features:

  • Affordable inverter range for recreational or semi-professional use.
  • High efficiency and power saving for extended operation.
  • Lightweight design for easy installation in small spaces.
  • Pure sine wave for smooth running of sensitive equipment.
  • Automatic and dependable protection against overloads and reverse polarity.
  • Meets IP21 standard for marine, and E-mark certification for mobile.
  • Optional remote control for instant switch off.
  • Convenient plug connection for all models, 2500 and 3500 models also hardwired.
  • Combine 2 up to 15 units of the AC Master 2500 or 3500 to obtain higher power or 3-phase systems. Or use their integrated transfer system to switch automatically between AC power sources.

Technical specifications:

New models available:        700 W, 1000 W, 1500 W
Upcoming models:              2500 W and 3500 W
Voltages available:             12 V / 24 V (3500 model only in 12 V)
Weight range:                   2.7 kg (700 W) to 10 kg (3500 W)
Dimension range, hxwxd:     200 x 83 x 330 mm (700 W)
283 x 128 x 496 mm (3500 W)
Technology:      High frequency, galvanic isolated, true sine.
Display readout:               LED indication: battery voltage, load level, status.
Efficiency range:                 up to 94%
Temperature range: -20 oC to +40 oC for 700, 1000 and 1500 models,
-20 oC to +60 oC for 2500 and 3500 models