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Mastervolt supports local charity, such as the Amsterdam Animal Ambulance

Mastervolt HQ is based in The Netherlands and we see it as part of our social responsibility to provide support for local charities, where we can help. The Amsterdam Animal Ambulance is one such project. This charity is a 42 year old organisation that relies mainly on volunteers.

The team has plenty to deal with in a year. In 2019:

  • the team drove to over 11,000 locations to help an animal in distress.
  • transported 103 different kind of animals.
  • the switchboard received over 46,000 calls.


The type of animals vary from dogs, cats, rabbits, to many different kind of birds and snakes, spiders, foxes and many others. As you can see there is a huge amount of work for the 135 volunteers and 13 employees. To help them respond to these calls for help and to treat the animals, the charity has six ambulances and two small boats.

Mastervolt made a commitment back in 2016 to contribute the powered electronics needed for the ambulances and the onboard equipment for treating the animals. As a result, three of the ambulances are driving around Amsterdam with sponsored Mastervolt products.

The ambulances are modern Mercedes Sprinter vans equipped with the cleanest (Euro 6) engines. Inside the ambulances there is many equipment to help the animals, including first aid kits, a stretcher, oxygen, tools, a ladder, water and many cleaning devices, an incubator, nets and sticks to catch cats and dogs and much more.




The latest ambulances all feature air-conditioning in the back of the van, where the animals are put and sometimes also the pet-owners. One of the challenges is that during the summer it becomes too warm. If the back of the van is cooled, the team can work more efficiently and the animals will stand a better chance of survival, and can be transported more comfortably.


The airco unit next to the batteries under the co-driver's seat, it all just fits….


The air conditioning unit is powered by a separate Mastervolt battery bank (2 x 70 Ah Mastervolt AGMs in parallel) and are charged with a 25 amps ChargeMaster, which is connected to the mains when the ambulance is in the garage.

Bert Jansen of Amsterdam Animal Ambulance, says; “Without Mastervolt we would not have been able to power the AC units, that enable us to better help the animals that are ill or wounded, and transported by us. It is due to companies like Mastervolt that we can continue and improve our precious work. It is great to see a locally based business help a volunteer organisation in Amsterdam.”

Mastervolt is proud to feature on the latest animal ambulance as a valued sponsor.


More information about this disinterested organization and their boundless efforts can be found at the site.