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Mastervolt supports remarkable aid initiative

Global Fire Fighters Germany (GFFG) is a private aid initiative of the fire protection engineers and volunteer firemen Juergen Sprengel and Harald Schillegger from Dortmund/Germany. The unique aid project is realized within a worldwide project journey with a four-wheeled expedition vehicle. As a company that values Corporate Social Responsibility, Mastervolt kindly support this remarkable initiative with several electrical components and technical assistance.

First response emergency vehicle

The project vehicle is fitted with fire-fighting, rescue and EMS equipment for efficient first response. The vehicle will not only serve as the rolling shelter for the project team, but also serves as first response emergency vehicle, e.g. in traffic accidents or medical emergencies in sparsely populated areas that do not have sufficient fire or rescue services infrastructures. The project vehicle is equipped for several weeks of self-sufficient use far from civilization. Its long-range tanks serve for an operation range of more than 2000 kilometers. 

Extreme conditions

Mastervolt supports GFFG with a ChargeMaster 12/70-3 battery charger (operating range 90-260 Volts), a Mac 24/12 V DC-DC converter and an EasyCharge 10 Amps 24 V battery charger for the truck batteries. The ChargeMaster enables charging of the shelter batteries of the project truck in any country along the project route and is therefore vital for a safe and successful project execution. The project is characterized by extreme conditions (e.g. myriads of potholes, very strong vibrations along thousands of kilometers on dirty roads, scorching high and freezing low temperatures). The high-quality Mastervolt components perfectly meet the demanding project requirements and are a guarantee for the safety of the project team.


Panamerican Highway

The project route roughly follows the course of the Panamerican Highway from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego, followed by a shipment to Southeast Asia, where Laos, Myanmar and Cambodia will be in the project focus, before moving back to Europe via Central Asia. During the two-year project trip, GFFG focuses on fire safety training programs in emerging and developing countries, and on active networking between fire brigades in donor countries and needy countries to initiate equipment assistance. The aim is a sustainable improvement of the desperate situation of the highly-motivated but often inadequately equipped fire brigades in the poorer countries along the project route. In addition, GFFG will propagate the system of volunteer fire brigades according to the German model and give active suggestions for conversion of old civil or military vehicles to improvised fire service vehicles. GFFG also promotes international firefighter camaraderie and peaceful cooperation between nations, and is committed to the principles of the United Nations and acts politically neutral and independent.