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Mastervolt supports TeamOrga in Roparun

After months of preparation, countless workouts and a nightly test run, the 25 colleagues in TeamOrga left for Paris to take part in the annual Roparun, a relay event between Paris, Hamburg and Rotterdam. The ultimate goal of this combination of running and biking is to collect as much money as possible for cancer sufferers and make their lives more pleasant. The slogan of the Roparun is: “Adding life to the days when there are no more days to add to life.”

More than € 5 million

Mastervolt supported TeamOrga with a financial contribution, adding to the record proceeds raised by the 309 participating teams at the 2018 Roparun of €5,144,472. The teams all ran and biked a distance of 532 kilometres, in the process learning to appreciate their teammates and colleagues in a totally different way. TeamOrga completed the challenge in an overall time of 48 hours and 25 seconds.

More information about the Roparun can be found here