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The new ChargeMaster Plus 24/110-2

Mastervolt is pleased to announce the arrival of their smallest yet most powerful battery charger to date

With a 10 % increase in maximum charge current, the ChargeMaster Plus 24/110-2 delivers the most charging power per cubic dm of all Mastervolt battery chargers. 21 % weight reduction and smaller product footprint makes this charger the smallest and most compact in the Mastervolt battery charger range.

All-in-one for faster and safer charging

The ChargeMaster Plus 24/110-2 joins a family of Mastervolt chargers that integrates multiple functions into one single device. The charger reduces the complexity and cost of multiple battery installations by incorporating all the additional components into one strongly built cabinet. Replacing auxiliary chargers, battery isolators and VSR, the ChargeMaster Plus 24/110-2 reduces system complexity and cost. Designed for versatility, it charges virtually any combination of two batteries in a fast and safe way and works anywhere in the world.

Other unique features are:

  • Revival mode: automatically revives even fully depleted batteries.
  • Multi voltage: charge 12 V starter battery in a 24 V system, without additional components.
  • Priority Charge: redirect available power to the lowest battery, for faster charging.

Powerful communications with integration

In modern applications, all electrical components work together. The ChargeMaster Plus 24/110-2 is no different with the addition of a system protocol that enables the charger to communicate with displays, shunts and power systems including communication standards like CZone® and NMEA 2000, without the needs for additional interfaces. This wide ranging communication functionality makes the ChargeMaster Plus 24/110-2 ideally suited for wider system integration.

Global charging

As with all Mastervolt products, the ChargeMaster Plus has been designed for versatility, and can work from local voltages and frequencies anywhere in the world. Mastervolt designs all its systems to be easy to install and easy to operate. This is clearly seen in the ChargeMaster Plus, which displays the charge phase of all outputs in an intuitive way. The connections are robust and ergonomic, making for quick installation times.


The ChargeMaster Plus 24/110-2 will prove ideal for blue water yachts and RVs that demand that little bit extra from the onboard charging facilities. In addition to handling all global grid voltages, it also resists large voltage spikes and high temperatures. This is useful in places where power supplies are erratic and unreliable, and also helps protect any sensitive equipment that may be connected to the DC system during charging. The electronics are built to operate in harsh environments, a trademark of Mastervolt’s product range, and are fully compliant with all the key certifying authorities such as CE, ABYC, UL, SAE, CEC/DOE and RCM/C-Tick. 

Built to Mastervolt’s exacting standards for rugged dependability, the ChargeMaster Plus all-in-one solution simplifies multiple-battery charging systems, offers faster and safer charging for all chemistries and with everything in one cabinet, represents the best value for money.


  • Multicharger with two outputs, DC-DC converter, current limiter and VSR.
  • Combine Lithium Ion, Gel or AGM, and large or small battery banks on a single battery charger.
  • Extended specifications: offers 20 % more output at 14.4 V and 80 % charging power at 60 °C.
  • Safe Charge: quickly recognize the State of Charge for extended battery life.
  • Very wide operating range of 80-275 V AC, 35-70 Hz.
  • Compact, easy to connect and quick to install.