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Premium components that meet stringent requirements

Compared to on-land activities, the extracting and processing oil & gas or construction and maintenance of wind turbine parks at sea is more challenging due to accessibility issues and working conditions. This fact must be reflected by the products used in the offshore sector, which need to meet the most stringent requirements with regard to reliability, quality and availability.

Whether it involves emergency lighting, illuminating the helicopter platform, computer back-up systems or a stable supply, any function failure can have severe consequences. This is why companies in the offshore sector are always on the lookout for the best suppliers and products. With Mastervolt, they are assured of premium components that provide electrical power from 300 W to 5000 W. From battery chargers to inverters and converters, Mastervolt has the ideal product for every application. Our many years of experience in the sector show how we understand our clients and meet even the toughest demands.

Real life systems: