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Switch Control Interface (SCI)

Single switch position can control multiple OI


Attaches to switch panels via custom SCI


Multiple SCI switches can control single OI


Output for backlighting of switch labels


Outputs systems on and function/fault codes

to systems on LED of switches (dimmable).

Dimensions, hxwxd:

100 x 156 x 42 mm / 3.9 x 6.1 x 1.7 inch

IPx5 water ingress protection.

Programmable switch types.

8 inputs per module (16 individual controls).

Sequential button press functionality.

Choice of push button or rocker style switch.

COI Digital Switch Breakout (DSB)

Connect up to 6 digital switches to the COI.

Support for single or double throw switches

(up to 12 programmable switch points).

Uses existing SCI switch cables with options

for Rocker or push button plugs at various


Digital switches include dimmable

backlighting for ‘systems on’ and fault codes.

Dimensions, hxwxd:

100 x 156 x 42 mm / 3.9 x 6.1 x 1.7 inch

IPx5 water ingress protection.

Including 2 mtr DSB to COI cable.

Signal Interface (SI)

Accepts inputs from traditional switch types

being used to control outputs.

Accepts inputs from switches to trigger alarm

i.e. high water float switch.

Accepts inputs from industry-standard tank

senders (0-5V, 10-180 Ohm, 240-33 Ohm).

Accepts inputs from general voltaic or

resistive signals, can be used for controlling

outputs or to display a physical position, e.g.

show a hatch is partially open.

LED status indicators for each input.

Dimensions, hxwxd:

100 x 156 x 42 mm / 3.9 x 6.1 x 1.7 inch

IPx5 water ingress protection.

Outputs standard NMEA 2000 sentences.

Resistive input range 0–1000 Ohms.

Voltage sensing input range 0–34 V DC.

Product code


Switch Control

Interface with seal

Product code


Includes 2 mtr DSB to

COI cable

Product code


Signal Interface with

seal and connector

Product code


Switch Control

Interface only

Product code


Signal Interface only



Network Components

Switch Control

Interface (SCI)

Signal Interface (SI)

Note: High and low alarm levels can be set for all inputs.






COI Digital Switch

Breakout (DSB)

The Signal Interface connects the CZone

system to your external sensors, alarms

and switching devices. The SI allows

intelligent, automated operation of

circuits depending on the state of the


The Switch Control Interface provides an

interface between the CZone network

and the traditional mechanical switches

with which manufacturers and users are

familiar. The SCI simplifies your wiring,

supports your existing choice of switches,

protects against failures and allows for

more installation options.

The COI Digital Switch Breakout (DSB) is

the interface between the Combination

Output Interface (COI) and up to six

CZone digital switches (push button or

Rocker). The digital switches include

dimmable LED backlighting, systems on,

fault codes and a plug and play harness

simplifying installation.