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Mastervolt Monitoring:

A window into the life of

your batteries

A choice of instruments for

different needs

Measuring the actual amount of energy remaining

in a battery is a complex task, different to simply

checking the level in a water or fuel tank. Many

factors influence how much energy the battery

can still supply, including its age, the surrounding

temperature and the intensity of the loads connected

to the battery. Although a voltmeter can give a rough

indication of the battery’s condition, there is a more

accurate and reliable way to obtain information - via

one of Mastervolt’s battery monitors.

Available in four different models:


BattMan Lite


An affordable battery monitor that does exactly

that: providing critical information about the status

of your battery bank under all circumstances.

Additionally it will warn you when your battery

bank is empty.


BattMan Pro


Also displays the remaining time until your battery

needs to be charged and stores special battery

status events.

Unexpected flat batteries are never a good start to the day. A Mastervolt battery monitoring

system brings an end to nasty surprises. A clear display shows performance, consumption

and available battery capacity. Management of larger, complex systems is also available. This

includes monitoring and operation of multiple functions such as AC and DC power provision via

the generator, mains or main engine. The choice is yours.


Masterlink BTM-III

; Provides an accurate

indication of the voltage, current, amp-hours,

remaining time and remaining capacity of

battery bank 1, and the actual and estimated

capacity of battery banks 2 and 3. The built-in

microprocessor calculates the remaining capacity

and stores historic data.


MasterShunt + EasyView 5


MasterBus integrated battery monitor collecting

detailed information on the status of your batteries.

The MasterBus remote panel with touchscreen

control provides information on the charge process

as well as other system information.

A Mastervolt battery monitor can also

function as an active warning system.

A potential-free contact can give a signal

to an acoustic alarm or even an automatic

start/stop system for the generator.