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We know how important it is to charge your batteries safely, reliably and quickly, even if the power

supply is affected by low quality or limited availability. You also value batteries that have a long

lifespan while maintaining their capacity. Mastervolt offers you the best possible solution.

The Mastervolt 3-step+ charging method ensures more power and a longer life for your batteries. Our battery

chargers integrate multiple functions making sure your batteries are safely and completely charged, even when

they are depleted. Fast battery charging is guaranteed by the efficient use of the available grid or generator power

(all Mastervolt battery chargers have a power factor correction).

Mastervolt Battery Chargers:

A long life for your battery




Which Mastervolt

battery charger best

meets your needs?

Mastervolt offers four ranges of battery chargers:



For the tougher tasks in professional and semi-

professional situations. With its integrated alarm

functions and various approvals, the Mass is the

best choice for professionals.


ChargeMaster series

The ChargeMaster series is suitable for recreational

and semi-professional use. It is easy to install and

includes a detailed display and easy controls. The

ChargeMaster safely charges multiple battery banks

at the same time, anywhere in the world.

The ChargeMaster Plus is a new generation of

battery chargers that will replace the ChargeMaster

in stages


The ChargeMaster Plus combines three

battery chargers, a battery isolator and VSR in one

compact device. This all-in-one solution can charge

all batteries, even when you’re on the go.



Entry level model with proven Mastervolt 3-step+

charge characteristic, in a waterproof epoxy-filled,

non-corrosive enclosure.


EasyCharge Portable

For people on the move, the portable version offers

a rugged solution that can be used everywhere.