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Higher capacity

via parallel switching

Soft Start for the IVET

heavy-duty series

Automatically adjust

the grid power

Parallel switching of the Mass

GI units increases the AC power

capacity. Two 16 A/3.5 kW units

ensures 32 A/7 kW, four units give

64 A/14 kW.

The Soft Start automatic switch

suppresses the inrush current from

the transformer and prevents the fuse

from blowing.

Mastervolt supplies three automatic

switching systems for capacities of 6, 9

and 13 kW that - combined with an IVET

transformer - adjust grid power to the

onboard system. As a result, a 230 V/50

Hz system can easily function with an

American or Caribbean AC connection.

Do ensure that the frequency on

board (50 or 60 Hz) is the same as the

frequency of the incoming current.

Modern transformer

technology: Light,

silent, reliable and easy

The Mass GI is supplied with the latest

high-frequency switching technology

as well as Soft Start for peak loads

when connecting to the grid. LED

lights on the casing indicate load and

overload. The transformer can be

remote controlled and has the option

of automatically starting the generator

when there is an AC current overload.

The Mass GI is 75 % lighter and 60 %

smaller compared to low frequency




Determine AC power and onboard current: 230 V, 120 V or both?


Determine the capacity: maximum load with onboard power usage

= amount of amps and kW.

Install anywhere

With its robust aluminium casing,

this isolation transformer can be

fitted in any position on wall or floor.

No rubber mountings are necessary

because the unit does not vibrate

or hum. The Mass GI also features

professional connections with strain

relief cable glands.