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Factors to consider



Is there enough room for system components?


Desired 230 V devices and 12, 24 or 48 V


What kind of equipment will be used and for

how long?


Required capacity:

What is the total consumption in watts?


Peak load:

Does everything have to be able to function

simultaneously? Do you use equipment that

requires a power surge when starting up, like

a refrigerator or airconditioning?


Required voltage:

12, 24 or 48 V DC and/ or 230 V AC?

Or perhaps 120 V/60 Hz?


Availability of grid power:

Is there a frequent opportunity to connect to the

grid? Do you have equipment that requires an

uninterrupted power supply?

This knowledge will allow you to make an

inventory of all the DC and AC equipment

required, and the necessary capacity. Again,

Mastervolt is happy to assist you with advice.

Is a generator required?

A generator is usually the simplest way to ensure an

independent power supply – but sometimes there are more

efficient solutions. How about a combination of batteries

connected to an inverter, which convert DC voltage to 230

volts? Or a solar energy system for charging the battery?

These solutions make the power system more comfortable

and are also more environmentally friendly – after all, they do

not require a continuously running diesel engine. And even if

a generator does turn out to be necessary, you can still rely

on Mastervolt because our systems are fully compatible with

all mainstream generators.

A complete system saves time

and money

There are also economic benefits to buying a complete,

well-coordinated system, as builders, installers and end users

can all confirm. The selection of components, the purchasing

process, installation and documentation are much less time

consuming for a complete system. And because everything

is cleverly thought out, you will be choosing a tailor-made

solution that perfectly suits your needs and requirements.

As our various system examples and references make

clear, the possibilities are endless: from a simple

setup to one of the supercritical systems developed by

Mastervolt for the vessels participating in the Volvo

Ocean Race 2017-18.