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System choice

One of the advantages of using a Mass Combi is the ability to

power loads even when mains supply is limited by using energy

from your batteries. For example, a 10 A load can be powered

from a 4 A shore connection. In addition, the design of the Mass

Combi is both unique and characteristic of Mastervolt. Rather than

installing heavy transformers, our lightweight, high-frequency

technology offers major benefits regarding size, weight and

sound (no hum!). The technology also ensures an exceptionally

high efficiency with a minimal conversion loss and a low no-load

consumption. The included battery temperature sensor will make

sure the batteries receive the best possible charge. The Mass Combi

meets all your requirements and more!


Batteries: 3 x MVG 12/120 Ah

The total of AC and DC consumers requires around 1 kWh per day

(2 kWh in total). Totally discharging the batteries is not advisable so opt for

a maximum of 50 % discharge = 4 kWh. Taking into account the various

appliances and required peak loads we suggest a 12 V system.

The required battery capacity is 4 kWh/12 V = ± 330 Ah.


Charger/inverter: Mass Combi 12/1600-60

280 Ah needs at least 25 % of the battery capacity for charging power, so in

this case we chose for a 60 A charging power via the Mass Combi. The Mass

Combi has a battery charger that allows you to safely, quickly and completely

charge two battery banks; starter and service batteries can be separately

charged. Additionally the Mass Combi can be used to convert the power for

your AC applications, so using everything simultaneously is also possible.


Monitoring: EasyView 5

Waterproof system monitor with intuitive touchscreen. Thanks to the colour

touchscreen and multi-language menu, the display is a pleasure to operate.

Easily customizable favourite pages show all relevant system information at

a glance.

Digital distribution

The products in this system communicate with each other via MasterBus.

This brilliantly simple platform for communication and connections ensures

that all components ‘speak’ the same language. The result is a single

communication protocol with high-speed CANbus technology.


1 x MasterShunt 500

MasterBus integrated battery monitor, with detailed information on the

status of your batteries for an optimised charging process, incl. voltage,

current, time remaining and consumption capacity in percentage.


2 x DC Distribution 500

This distribution model connects up to four DC devices to the DC groups,

such as a battery charger, inverter, alternators and solar panels.

Other system components


1 x AGM 12/130 starter battery;


1x Mass GI 3.5 kVA/16 A; lightweight

isolation transformer for safely

using shore power, vital for steel or

aluminium vessels to avoid electrolysis

and corrosion;


1 x Charge Mate Pro; the ultimate

solution for charging the service

batteries with the original alternator;


2 x Shore Fix, 16 A/30 mA earth leakage



1 x fuse;


1 x shore power cord 16 A, 25 m;


1 x shore power inlet 2+PE, 16A/230V;


2 x battery switches for switching

on and off the consumers attached

to the battery;


1 x Spotlight Chrome; the most

versatile, durable, consistent and easy-

to-use spotlight on the market.