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Contemporary hybrid solutions

Ultramodern electrical system

for traditional fishing vessel

Chris Beuker Maritiem in Groningen was commissioned by Jos Jellema in 2016 to build a cutting-

edge new Lemsteraak. This 12.85-metre vessel had to fully meet the needs of the client, with

the basic concept being a boat that could be sailed by the owners “until we’re 70”.

“At the request of the owners, this Lemsteraak

has been kept as green as possible. That’s

why we opted for a full hybrid vessel with a

relatively light engine. Mastervolt’s Lithium Ion

batteries fit this solution perfectly thanks to

their low weight and high power. The electric

system, with electrically operated winches and

sails, is based entirely on CZone MasterBus so

that all components can easily be switched,

linked and monitored.”




Lemsteraken are traditional fishing vessels, and maintaining

this distinctive appearance was an important part of the

brief. As the many admiring articles written about this vessel

– including in the leading magazine Spiegel der Zeilvaart –

show, the designers, builders and owners ultimately did an

excellent job. The result is a slimmer, more elegant vessel

which combines extraordinary speed with a great deal of


In keeping with the spirit of the times, the vessel has a

hybrid propulsion for quiet electric sailing, and accordingly

has a Mastervolt Lithium Ion battery bank (6 x MLI 24/5000,

suitable for 48 V with 15 kW capacity), enough for 4.5 hours

of sailing at five knots. The battery bank can be fully charged

again within 2.5 hours.

A CZone MasterBus system was fitted throughout the

vessel in cooperation with Karyvo Sneek, who took care

of the complete installation and control of all electronic

components. All the necessary software is centrally accessible

via a large touchscreen on the engine box. In addition to its

other functions, the CZone system ensures that all winches

(to operate the vessel and sails) are fully in compliance with

the owner’s requirements and can be operated from the


An additional 12/2500 Mastervolt Li-ion battery was selected

to supply the 12-volt consumers. This battery is separately

charged with a ChargeMaster 12/50, which is connected

to the switched output of the Mass Combi Ultra. Because

the owners have a maximum shore supply of 16 A at their

permanent berth, two shore connections were fitted, both

feeding a 48-volt Mass Combi Ultra. This gives a charging

capacity of 100 A and a total of 7 kW of inverter power for

consumers such as a hob and a cooker.

The owners are very pleased with both the system and the

magnificent traditional vessel for guaranteeing silent and

comfortable sailing. Moreover, the CZone system means that

they can sail the boat alone, easily and without significant

effort, and into their old age.