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Tim Selders, the owner of a self-built motorhome based on a four-wheel drive Mercedes

Sprinter, is an adventurer and a perfectionist. He did a great deal of research before

deciding on the final shape of his ideal motorhome, even creating a full cardboard mock-

up of his interior design in a container.

The electrical system was subject to the same level of

consideration and scrutiny by Selders. It had to be better

and more robust than most of the systems he had seen

during many visits to motorhome exhibitions. Searching

the internet he came across Mastervolt, and ultimately had

his system designed by our engineers along with service

partner Amrit Watersort in Arnhem.

It was clear from the get-go that this electrical system

would, in addition to having reliable and solid components,

have to be exceptionally smart and have the option to

be operated from an iPad. The solution for meeting this

particular set of requirements was Mastervolt’s intelligent

network technology: MasterBus and CZone. Linking these

two network structures together via the Wireless Interface

created a flexible network with endless automation and

monitoring possibilities for Selders’ Mercedes. Together

with a balanced choice of components, this resulted in a

well thought-out power system, one that was more than

sufficient to function without mains power for quite a while.

Full control

Based on the premise that the various components can

communicate with each other, highly convenient modes

of operation were created in consultation with the owner.

This placed full control of an activity or group of activities

at the fingertips of the driver or travel companion. A good

example is the ‘Camping’ button, which launches a series

of actions:


The blinds adopt a suitable position.


The window on the side door is darkened with a special

kind of film, which turns clear or dark depending on the

voltage to which it is subjected.


All internal electronics adapt to the camping position.

All system consumers can also of course be separately

switched on and off via the iPad. The tablet also provides

information about outdoor & indoor temperature and the

available drinking water and wastewater capacity.

The Selders system

Tim Selders’ Mercedes Sprinter:

not just another motorhome

“As I designed and built most of my Mercedes

camper myself, I did lots of research into the

electrical system on the internet and during

visits to exhibitions. I was looking for a better

and more robust system than anything readily

available on the market. This is how I came

across Mastervolt, and eventually had my

system setup designed by Mastervolt’s engineers

and their service partner Amrit Watersport in