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Make the most of your batteries with the ChargeMaster series, plugging in and charging anywhere

in the world. Mastervolt’s ChargeMaster guarantees fast and complete charging of your batteries

no matter where you are. Thanks to Mastervolt’s innovative 3-step+ charging process, batteries

also perform better and last longer.

ChargeMaster Series:

Charge your batteries quickly

and completely!

All ChargeMasters can be easily connected

to a MasterBus network with only one cable

and one connection (with the exception of the

ChargeMaster 12/10, ChargeMaster 12/15-2

and ChargeMaster 24/6). What’s more, you

have the option for central, local or remote

monitoring, configuration and control of your


Clear Display

A clearly lit display on the ChargeMaster

provides all essential information: charge

current, charge voltage, charge phase and

battery content measurement and/or battery

condition measurement as a percentage

of available Ah capacity. The display also

provides an indication of MasterBus

communication. Three buttons adjacent to

the read-out panel allow for easy operating

of the entire system.

The ChargeMaster is available in various

models to guarantee you the ideal battery

charger for any situation and demand.