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In France, as in other European countries, the dairy sector needs to constantly improve

its productivity and competitiveness. It is currently going through a major restructuring.

In order to reduce costs, the latest tanker trucks – such as those built by Maisonneuve –

can hold up to 29,500 litres.

The trucks collect milk from various farms and deliver

it on the same day. Originally they were equipped with

a hydraulic pumping system, which was usually driven

by the vehicle’s engine. To optimise milk collection,

Maisonneuve changed the pumping system to make

it battery-driven, which means it can now be operated

with the engine off.

Electric pumping has many benefits over hydraulics.

The new system reduces energy consumption and

maintenance costs and operates with less noise and

gas emissions, while ensuring the same or better

performance and quality standards as hydraulics.


The first tests for a new pumping system were carried

out in 2012 with lead batteries. The batteries had to

be replaced every six months due to intensive use

and the high number of charge/discharge cycles,


With the technical support of TECMAR, a Mastervolt

distributor, and DP Fluide, which specialises in fluid

transfer, Maisonneuve engineers instead developed

a new, reliable and economical solution, which is now

the most successful pumping system in Europe. The

Mastervolt products were chosen for their quality and

robustness in a challenging environment

To date, more than 150 vehicles have been equipped

with this Mastervolt-based electrical pumping system,

which Maisonneuve uses not only for the collection

of milk but also for the distribution of other products

such as concrete admixtures, AdBlue fuel additives

and molasses.

The Maisonneuve system

Lower costs and more eco-friendly

milk collection for Maisonneuve

Energy consumption


Electric motor of the 24 V pump = 200 A.


Measuring devices for the volume of

milk transferred, sample collection,

preheating = 5 A.