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Mastervolt’s Volvo Ocean Race

system convinces Privateer

Trawler owner

Mr Bol, owner of the beautiful Privateer Trawler 50 Bolwerk, did not take just anyone’s advice

when looking for the perfect electrical system. After consulting his project manager Henk Boer,

he was referred to Arjen van Gent, shore manager of the Brunel Team in the 2015-16 Volvo Ocean

Race. The basic principle for the system was to implement the same Lithium Ion Mastervolt

technology that was used on the VOR boats.




Against this background, the owner and builder

together sought out the most compact solutions

which would nevertheless provide ample

independence from grid power. Another important

user requirement was fast charging time, which

would keep the running time of the generator to

a minimum: this led to the choice of an all-electric

on board system. Based on the recommendation

of Arjen van Gent, Bowlerk’s owner was quickly

convinced that all Li-ion batteries, right down to the

one powering the sternthruster, should be made by