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Power generation: 2 x Alpha 24/150 alternators +

2 x Alpha Pro charge regulator

Two high output alternators by Mastervolt, each with 150 amperes, are

installed on the two propulsion engines. The corresponding Alpha Pro

charge regulators ensure efficient three-step charging so that the batteries

can be charged and maintained with 300 amperes also while underway. The

alternators can also supply power to the connected consumers in parallel with

the battery charging, allowing the running time of the generator to be reduced




Thanks to communication via MasterBus, the Lithium Ion batteries can

easily be linked to all Mastervolt charging sources, providing those sources

with all relevant information on the batteries. As a result, the batteries are

charged safely and efficiently at all times. This unrivalled system concept

preserves batteries, which cannot be overcharged as their status is

continuously monitored. Even cable losses are passed on by the batteries and

compensated for by the charging sources to ensure an exceptionally efficient

charging process.


Digital switching: 5 x Output Interface, 4 x Signal Interface,

2 x Switch Control Interface, 1 x CZone MasterBus Bridge

Interface, 1 x CZone Network Bridge Interface

The Privateer 50 Bolwerk is equipped with an advanced CZone digital transfer

system, allowing the entire system to be controlled with only a few buttons.


The CZone system ensures, for example, that the generator automatically

comes online to charge the battery bank whenever it is almost empty.


Fans in the engine compartment are automatically switched on by CZone

when the temperature becomes too high.


B&G navigation screens are integrated with the system. This makes it

possible to operate and monitor the CZone digital transfer system and

the Mastervolt power system entirely from these screens. CZone and

MasterBus are linked through a CZone MasterBus Bridge Interface, with

optimal transparency guaranteed!


Monitoring: EasyView 5

This waterproof system monitor with a

screen that is legible in daylight is easy to

read and operate. Thanks to the colour

touchscreen and multilingual menu, the

screen is a pleasure to use. The easily

customisable ‘favourites’ pages display all

relevant system information at a glance.

Other system components


11 kW generator;


1 x AGM 12/70 starter battery;


4 x AGM 12/130 starter batteries;


1 x ChargeMaster 24/30-3 for charging

and maintenance of sternthruster

battery and starter batteries;


1 x Mass GI 7; lightweight isolation

transformer for the safe use of shore

power, vital in preventing electrolysis

and corrosion;


1 x MasterBus USB Interface;


1 x power cord 32 A, 25 m, 4 mm




1 x stainless steel shore power inlet,

2+PE, 32 A/230 V;


7 x 500 A safety relay: the installation

of an external safety relay is necessary

and ensures the safety of your battery



17 x fuse holders with Class T fuses.



Products used (system drawing on page 188-189)

1 x AGM 12/70 starter battery

1 x Masterbus USB Interface

3 x Mass Combi 24/3500-100

7 x MLI Ultra 24/5000

1 x EasyView 5

2 x MasterBus Terminator

1 x ChargeMaster 24/30-3

1 x CZone MasterBus Bridge Interface

1 x power cord + power inlet 32 A

5 x Output Interface

1 x Mass GI 7 kW

4 x Signal Interface

2 x Alpha Pro charge regulator

2 x Switch Control Interface

4 x AGM 12/130 starter battery

1 x CZone Network Bridge Interface

7 x safety relay

1 x NMEA 2000 power cord

18 x fuse holder with Class T fuses

2 x CZone terminator