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Romotech and Mastervolt

supply silent green power

Romotech from Papendrecht (the Netherlands) is an importer of Kohler & Lombardini combustion

engines and parts, and a producer of compact generators and water pumps and hybrid energy

systems, including the Rohyb hybrid genset. The Rohyb system is mainly intended for remote

locations and conditions in which power is – temporarily or permanently – unavailable yet

required, and a constantly running conventional generator is undesirable.

In these cases, the Rohyb hybrid generator supplies

silent green power that consumes over 50 % less

fuel, makes up to 50 % less noise and produces

up to 50 % fewer emissions. In consultation with

Mastervolt, Romotech decided to equip this hybrid

generator with optional solar panels with an MLI

Ultra 24/5000 Lithium Ion battery for power storage,

combined with Mastervolt’s renowned battery

charger/inverter, the Mass Combi Ultra 24/3500, and

the Solar ChargeMaster SCM60 charge regulator.

An important principle was that the set had to be

suitable for the type of peak loads associated with

the energy supply of construction trailers/mobile

office units and power plants.

In these conditions, lots of energy is needed when

employees start their working day and switch on

lighting, heating, computers, coffee makers and

other equipment. Most consumers are switched

off when the morning comes to an end, resulting

in a considerably lower energy demand. The

application of a hybrid system is very suitable for this

strongly varying energy demand as the generator

automatically switches off when demand falls and the

energy supply is realised via the inverter component

of the Mass Combi. This results in less running time

and wear, lower fuel consumption and reduced