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0 %

0 kW

11.5 kW

7 kW

20 %

100 %

100% 50% 20%

Generator capacity 4.5 kW

Inverter capacity 7 kW

Connected load capacity

Battery status 0-100 %




The load jumps to a capacity that is

larger than the inverter can supply. The

generator starts automatically to supply

the extra 4.5 kW capacity – the power

boost function of the Mass Combi Ultra.

Available capacity


Battery status

The Rohyb can now supply a total capacity

of 11.5 kW. When the load is reduced, the

generator can charge the battery bank

parallel to feeding the load.

The battery reaches a low status of 20 %.

The generator starts automatically to charge

the battery.

Energy consumption

System choice


Battery: Mastervolt MLI Ultra 24/5000

The very best Lithium Ion technology for extreme conditions (high

charge/discharge current, humidity, mechanical shocks or vibrations).

Includes an alert Battery Management System which ensures an optimal

use of each individual cell, even when charging and discharging quickly,

and integrated battery monitoring for constant insight into the current

battery status.


Inverter/charger: Mass Combi Ultra 24/3500

The Mass Combi Ultra is available in 12, 24 and 48 V models with

associated charging and inverter capacities. For higher capacities up to

35 kW the Combi Ultra can be used in a parallel or 3-phase configuration.


Charge regulator: SCM60 MPPT-MB

The SCM60 MPPT-MB is the largest MPPT solar charge regulator by

Mastervolt. With a connection capacity of 600 to 3600 Wp in solar panels,

a connection for 12, 24 and 48 Volt battery banks, and an integrated

MasterBus connection, this charge regulator is ideal for medium and

large systems such as Romotech’s hybrid generator set. The innovative

technology in the Mastervolt MPPT charge regulators also increases

the yield of the solar panels. Compared to PWM regulators, the

SCM60 MPPT-MB charges your batteries up to 30 % faster with the

same number of panels.

Overige systeemcomponenten


1 x power cord + power inlet;


1 x DC Distribution 500;


1 x T fuse;


1 x safety relay;


2 x MasterBus Terminator;


1 x Multipurpose Contact Output;


1 x EasyView 5;


1 x generator;


solar panels (optional).