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2 x Mass Combi Ultra 24/3500-100

Linked in parallel, the Combis supply 7 kW of power, enough

to seamlessly switch all the critical and most commonly

used consumers from shore or generator power to inverter

operation (autonomously from the batteries). The switch is

so fast that the computers and PLC systems needed to steer

the vessel are not disrupted in any way, ensuring that the

vessel always operates in a reliable way.

The inverter technology used by Mastervolt offers a uniquely

low standby consumption, while a high-speed processor

provides seamless switching among all the available energy

sources. Power Assist relegates voltage variations and

blown mains fuses to the past, even with a weak electrical

connection or a small generator. In addition, all Mass Combi

Ultra models are equipped with MasterBus, ensuring that

all devices in the network speak the same language to each



Batteries and battery chargers:

When demands are high, as they are on the

Delta 88 powerboat, it is crucial to have the best

of the best: heavy lithium-ion batteries, like the

Mastervolt MLI Ultra 24/5000. These batteries

are ideal for heavy loads during long periods,

and have a short charging time (less than 30

minutes). By choosing Mastervolt MLI Li-ion

batteries, Delta saves up to 70 % in space and



8 x MLI Ultra 24/5000 +

2 x Mass 24/100 battery charger

Eight MLI Ultra 24/5000 batteries feed some of

the AC consumers (which require a total yield

of 440 kWh) so there is always a backup if the

generators are not running. Two reliable Mass

24/100 chargers ensure that these batteries are

always 100 % charged.



System choice