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Do I need


accessories for the

MasterBus system?

Not for Mastervolt products. All

MasterBus products come with the

necessary accessories included.

What happens if

the MasterBus

data network fails?

The electrical onboard system

will not shut down. Mastervolt

components such as the inverter

and battery charger will default to

normal autonomous operation.

You will be able to operate the

equipment itself and still have

power onboard. A malfunction in

the MasterBus network causes two

distribution points that no longer

work together, although they still

work independently.

Can I adjust a

MasterBus system

while it is in


Yes, that is possible. However, do

remember that the communication

network is only complete and

able to function properly when

all connections and terminators

have been added to the network

chain again. N.B. Events may

‘pass’ without reaching the right


Why do I have


left over after

installing a complete


All MasterBus products are

supplied with one terminator as

standard. As there are only two

terminators required within one

system, you may have one or more

terminators left over. Keep them as



Within every MasterBus network all available sources for your connected products can

be linked to all available targets. The manuals of the products concerned provide a clear

overview of available sources and targets and simplify the configuration of events.





Example of an event

In the given example you set the

following event: The batteries/battery

monitor tell(s) the generator to start.

Say that you use the MasterShunt as a

battery monitor within the MasterBus

network. In this scenario the MasterShunt

is the initiator or the ‘source’ and the

generator is the ‘target’. The commando

= start or autostart. The data = on. By

setting multiple events (source, target,

commando + data) you can program the

entire MasterBus network.

Digital switching with MasterBus

Another example of a MasterBus event is

the use of Digital Switching. The pressing

of a light switch, for instance, activates

the lighting. The source is the switch, the

target the lamp. One source can also be

used to control multiple targets, such as

the lamps in this example.

Endless possibilities

Thanks to the underlying communication

between all the equipment connected to

the MasterBus network, the configuration

of events offers you endless possibilities.

If you wish, the switch in the example

can, for instance, activate not only the

lights but also the inverter that provides

power to your TV.

All this and much more is available

without the installation of extra


The remarkable simplicity

of MasterBus events

Every MasterBus system can be set to your requirements - in essence, it’s

like welcoming your own personal butler onboard. And MasterBus ‘events’

are how you train the butler. For example, you can set the generator to start

automatically when the batteries are almost empty. Use MasterBus

events to configure your system so that each component can activate

another. MasterBus: At your service!