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All devices that are suitable for the MasterBus network

are equipped with two communication ports. As soon as

two or more devices are connected with each other via

these ports, they form a local data network.

When creating a MasterBus network, follow the

guidelines given here:

Connections between your devices can be made by using the

Mastervolt UTP cables. The electricity needed for the network

is supplied by the connected devices. At least one in every four

devices in each network must be able to supply power to the

MasterBus. For eight devices there must be two power suppliers,


How to create a MasterBus network


As with all high speed data networks, MasterBus needs a

terminator at both ends of the network.

You need two terminators to close both ends of the network -

communication cables in-between connect a chain of components.

Do not make T-connections with so-called splitters:

A network should always be a chain.

The network should not be circular.

The chain ends at both ends with the terminators.