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Can I power an air conditioning system

via the inverter?

It is perfectly possible to power a small air

conditioning installation of, for instance, 4500-

6000 BTU via an inverter. While it is important to

remember not to leave the air conditioning running

for too long, cooling down a cabin before going to

sleep is fine as long as the battery bank and inverter

are correctly sized. Also remember to pay attention

to the start-up current, which can be up to eight or

twelve times higher than nominal capacity. A 6000

BTU air conditioning uses approximately 700 watts.

For a 230 V system this means a current consumption

of approximately 35 amperes. Cooling down a cabin

within two hours requires 70 Ah for a 24 V system

and 140 Ah for a 12 V system. It is important to make

sure that the inverter is large enough to provide

the starting current for the air conditioning, and the

battery also needs to be able to supply the required

capacity within two hours as well.



Can I cook with electric appliances using

an inverter?

Cooking is definitely possible with an inverter as long

as the battery set is reasonably large and the inverter

has a capacity of at least 2 kW. The preparation of a

complete meal will, in general, require the generator

to be activated or power to be plugged in. Switching

on the generator to heat up a cup of soup or cook a

steak or an egg is rather wasteful, since the generator

will not even warm up properly before it is turned

off again. This is bad for the generator and the

environment. Instead, we recommend that you power

only one or two of the hotplates via the inverter – a

snack can then still be prepared or heated without

needing to start the generator. After using the cooker,

recharge the battery fully via the battery charger or


Inverter selection table

Appliance can operate continuously if connected to inverter, battery capacity decides operation time.

Appliance or tool can operate for a reasonable amount of time (not continuously).

Use next model.

AC appliances

AC Master

300 W

AC Master

500/700 W

Mass Sine 800 W

AC Master

1000/1500 W

Mass Sine

1200/1500 W

AC Master

2500/3500 W

Mass Sine

2000/2500 W

Mass Sine

Ultra 4000 W

Mass Sine

5000 W


NiCad battery charger

Laptop/desktop PC

Small drill

Fluorescent LED lights

Small kitchen appliances

Small refrigerator

Small microwave

Coffee maker

Hairdryer (1000 W)

Vacuum cleaner


Small power tools

Water pump

Electric tools

Combi microwave

Washing machine 3 kg


Air conditioning/electric hob (limited)

Electric hob (complete / 3-phase)

(AC Master)

(Mass Sine Ultra)

Turbine pump/electric motor (3-phase)

(AC Master)

(Mass Sine Ultra)

Battery capacity 12 V/min.

60-80 Ah

100-150 Ah

250-350 Ah

300-500 Ah

Battery capacity 24 V/min.

30-50 Ah

50-80 Ah

120-180 Ah

200-300 Ah

400-600 Ah