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Frequently asked questions

about Combis


What battery capacity do I need

to fit a Mass Combi 12/2000 or


A simple rule of thumb states that a

12-volt system needs a minimum battery

capacity of around 20 % of the inverter

capacity, while the corresponding figure

for 24-volt inverters is 10 %. The battery

capacity required for a 12-volt Mass

Combi 2000 is therefore at least 400 Ah,

while a 24-volt Mass Combi 2000 needs at

least 200 Ah.


How much power does a Combi


The efficiency of Mastervolt equipment is

very high due to the application of high

frequency (HF) technology. If the Mass

Combi needs to power a Senseo coffee

machine (1450 watt) for instance, power

consumption will be 1450 watt divided

by the onboard voltage of 12 volt = 120

amps. Making a cup of coffee takes less

than a minute, so consumption in Ah can

be considered fairly small at 120 x 1 min

= 2 Ah. The power used by the inverter

itself is negligible.



Does the Combi need a lot of


The Combi (if installed in a cabinet) needs

very little ventilation – two approx. 80 cm²

(9 x 9 cm) ventilation openings are the

minimum required. Combis that are used

in high ambient temperatures, or are

expected to be operating at full capacity

for a long period, require openings that

are at least four times as large.


How thick should the battery

cables be?

To calculate the right cable size,

determine the highest possible current

which will flow through the cable. For the

Combi this is the inverter current. When

running at full capacity, a 2000 W inverter

for instance draws around 200 amps

from the batteries (100 amps for a 24-volt

system). The rule is simple: For every

3 amps you need 1 mm² in cable

thickness. The advice for a Combi

12/2000 would be 70 mm² cable

thickness and 35 mm² for a 24-volt



Is the Mass Combi noisy?

HF technology has rendered large low

frequency transformers obsolete, so you

no longer have the irritating humming

sound generated by equipment with

a large transformer. Ultra quiet and

temperature-regulated ventilators take

care of the cooling, ensuring that noise

levels are kept low. The only remaining

sound is the soft hum of the cooling air.

A Mass Combi can therefore be installed

virtually anywhere.